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The Arvizu’s family have been in the Las Vegas Valley area for over 19 years…and like most people, we started with small beginnings but big dreams.

In a land far from home, we decided to root our feet and make a new home, new family and new friends in Las Vegas, Nv. Nineteen years ago, we started in the Gold Business as a side job only, just to add extra money to our current job…but on the way, we saw that our core value was something that our customers loved … and that is our full commitment to a total customer satisfaction…this commitment has been something that has identified us since the very beginning, and our current customers feel confident about this commitment.

Since then, we decided to start our family owned business. We have reached hundreds of customers in the Las Vegas Area … and most of our customers have been returning for years and years… and new customers keep adding only by word of mouth… (because the best advertising is when a customer is satisfied)… and this is how our business has grown…

Our selection of stunning pieces of gold will fit every occasion….For any special event for your kids, quinceañeras, Weddings, or just any day you feel like rewarding yourself with a shiny and precious gift or surprise a significant one, we have it or we can get it for you… From a small/big pair of earrings, a beautiful necklace, a marvelous wedding set, the bracelet of your liking or the ring of your dreams… we can provide it for you.

Every piece is 14k solid gold guaranteed. Our products are not gold plated, or gold filled, but 100% 14K solid gold. You’ll feel confident that you’ll get what your money is worth….


We offer custom made orders on any Name Designs, you give us your idea and we put it in Gold.

* We also do Engravings on ID Bracelets, Wedding Rings, or any piece that might have a plain space to engrave.


Our dream is reaching out to the world and offer them our our products and service… we want all people the experience the same quality of products and the same quality of service and commitment as our customers from Las Vegas.


As consumers ourselves, we understand that when you buy something with your hard earned money, you want to be satisfied with what you buy… this is our belief too and our full commitment to you as a customer: that you’ll be satisfied with what you purchase.

Contact Us

Telephone: 702.610.2921


Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm

Our Team

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    Anthony Moore

    Founder & CEO

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    Douglas Morgan

    Creative Director

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    Kimberly Miller

    Sales Director

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